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quality since 1946.

We are ISO 9015 compliant.


At Milan Cast Metal, we specialize in aluminum sand castings provided with an intense focus on quality and dependable service. Our team is fully capable and prepared to meet your custom metal casting needs in Milan, MN from the initial planning and prototype stages into production. We are committed to total performance with competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and quality assurance of the highest level. In addition to custom metal casting, we also offer CNC pattern making and design, 3D scanning of complete models for data accuracy, and a full pattern shop to create patterns for projects. Reach out today and learn how we can meet your needs.


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Since 1946, customers could depend upon Milan Cast Metal for two things. First and foremost is quality work. The second is the fact that we've been in the same location from our very first day in business. We are a family-owned-and-operated business that strives to satisfy customers by upholding our long track record of attention to detail and thoroughness. That dependability has built our reputation for quality, which is well deserved. When you choose us to handle all your custom metal casting business, you are getting Made-in-America quality from here in Milan, Michigan.

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