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Bead Blasting in Milan, MI

When you need finishing services for your cast metal products, Milan Cast metal has the right solutions. We offer both sand and bead blasting in Milan, MI, to apply a uniform finish on the surface of your metal or glass products. While both techniques are similar, there are distinct differences. Bead blasting uses spherical glass beads to gently strip the surface, leaving a fresh, shiny, and polished appearance.

Sandblasting uses abrasive sand to quickly strip away corrosion and other imperfections on the exterior of your metal surfaces. This process is quicker than using beads, but it is harsher on the metal surface. Much like with sandpaper, it was blasting with sand can change the shape of your product while smoothing its surface.

No matter which technique you choose for finishing your cast products, our team will ensure that your finished metal items look amazing and meet your expectations. Contact us to learn more about the finishing techniques we offer or to discuss your metal casting project with our team.

Count on Custom Metal Casting

No matter what the industry, nothing beats custom design and development. While custom work is often attributed to the finer things in life, industrial sand casting is vital to everyday function. Custom metal casting molds allow our clients to bring their ideas and dreams to life, from classic car parts that are no longer manufactured to prototype development.

When there is no room for error, our team delivers exacting parameters that ensure your mold produces a perfect fit. It is not enough to get close to your requirements; we understand the importance of specific design features. We are prepared to back our results with a commitment to quality unsurpassed in the metal casting industry. 

You expect personalized service supported by exceptional attention to detail when you turn to a family-owned and operated company. No matter what the reason you need custom metal casting molds, our team of designers, machinists, and fabricators is prepared to deliver your project with professionalism and outstanding customer service.

Our work with automotive specialists, antique restorers, and the military proves our versatility and ability to pivot easily from industry to industry. Reach out to us with your design, and we will get to work turning your design into a reality.

High-Quality Results

Our company prides itself on consistently delivering top-quality results to our clients. We will ensure that your finished metal casting is within expected tolerances and is ready for use in your specified applications.